Monday, November 3, 2008

Madison is 4 weeks today!

Ghost shirt
"Mommy's under my spell" Shirt

Pumpkin shirt

She's saying HI!

Getting burped by mommy

Madison had a good Halloween, we hungout at Grandma Sandy's house and passed out candy. She had 3 outfits! So we just put her in all of them and took her picture! We have so many pictures of this girl! She doesn't know what life is like without flashes in her face! Madison is getting big, she is over 8 lbs now. She is sleeping pretty good (sometimes 6 hours at a time!). Chris has been pretty sick for the last week with a cold. SO, Madi and I have been staying at my parents house or Chris's moms house. Chris offered to leave and stay somewhere else but I was too scared to stay home alone!! Such a baby, I know! Chris is missing his girls so much that he has been stopping by and saying hi with a mask on! We wish we could come home, but it is not worth the risk. Her surgery is in a week and she needs to be healthy. Chris got a tattoo of Madison's name on his arm. It's really pretty font and its not too big...I love it!

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