Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a "WONDERFUL" night!

146-Heart rate (perfect)
58-Respirations (supposed to be 40-60)
79/46-Blood Pressure (perfect)
15-Blood flow (perfect)
100%-Oxygen level (perfect)
Sleeping Peacefully

In her bouncer, happy as can be!
I got up this morning and called the nurse to see haw Madison's night went and she said she had a "WONDERFUL" night! YAY! I was so happy! She slept peacefully, got her c-pap off and her blood gas tests are getting better. All she has is one IV, oxygen and the feeding tube. They also tried a bottle and she did great. But they did give her a feeding tube for today just to make sure she can handle food in her belly. Hopefully tommorow I can feed her a bottle or even nurse her! We should maybe be out of the ICU by tommorow or Thursday. I am so happy that my girl is back to her happy self. She is such a cutie!


AliG said...

SO happy to hear she is doing well! We think of you guys every day!

Kristy Lee said...

Holler!! Thats my girl!

tammyperry said...

Hi Shannon and Chris,
We love you and are praying for Madison to come home soon. Please let me know we can do anything for you.

Love u all
Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jeff and kids