Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not all days can be good :(

***Yesterday she got off her ventilator (YAY!). She did great all day and night with breathing on her own. She was up all night with gas though (that's my girl!). This morning they did an ultrasound and found a little bit more fluid around her lungs. They sedated her a bit and did a procedure to drain the excess fluid and it worked beautifully. She has had a really hard time waking up from this though. I think because she never really went into a deep sleep all night, so she finally felt comfy and she passed out! But because of this she has been lazy with her breaths. Her stats have been up and down all day. They decided to give her c-pap (?spelling?) which is oxygen with a positive pressure to expand her lungs. They were really happy with her stats right after but then they started to go down again later. She turns really blue when she gets mad. They are watching her really closely right now. They may have to put her back on the respirator if she doesn't get better. I felt so lucky the last 4 days, but today is a slight set back. I still think she is still progressing well considering that she is 6 weeks old and she just had major heart surgery. I am up in the computer lab at the hospital right now. I feel so stressed out when there are nurses and doctors around doing stuff to her, so I needed to get away for a second. Sandy (my mother in law) is sitting with her. GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: I got to hold her!!! It was such good therapy for me and her (her stats went up!). I needed that so bad. Not holding your baby for that long is not natural and it was killing me. Although, it is such a process with all of those tube and wires, it was well worth it!
**Thank you so much for all of your comments, emails, calls and prayers. I miss the real world but my world revolves around Madi and as long as she is getting better, I couldn't be happier.

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