Friday, November 14, 2008

Madi is awake!

Her eyes look a little different because she is sedated.
Her bandages are off and the scar is so thin and tiny!

She is so awake today! She has been looking at Chris and I and moving around. She had a great night last night, no real changes! They are weaning her from her blood pressure meds, epi and respirator! She is breathing mostly on her own! The doctor came in and said that she will probably get her respirator out by Sunday or Monday. Yesterday her belly was so bloated and they thought it was gas but they did a scan and saw lots of fluid around her lungs. SO, they had to put 2 new chest tubes in on each side. They are under her armpit though, so the scars shouldn't be too noticable. They drained her fluid so much that she looks like a new baby! She is nice a slim again. They said that she is making wonderful progress. YAY!

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Sarah Zannetti said...

Hi Shannon and Chris,
We are so happy to see madison doing so well! We will continue to pray for recovery and quick healing to come home! We love you and wish you many blessing to come with your new little girl! Say hi to grandma and grandpa Cochran!
Love ya,
Joe, Sarah, Alea and Arianna