Monday, November 17, 2008

Our 7th day at the hospital...

Last night went great, just fussy again. She has a temper and she is really ticked off about not being held and having all of these iv's and silly head/nose thing (c-pap). They say it is good that she is working her lungs but they need her to rest! A 6 week old baby should not be up all night. The plan for today is to SLOWLY wean her off the c-pap, discontinue her meds to make her pee and REST, REST, REST! Chris left yesterday to go to work today and he has already call a few times. I miss him already. It's hard not to have your husband by your side. Plus, he can calm Madi down easier than me for some reason! The nurse said that Madi knows its me and she may be getting upset that I'm not nursing her. I held her a lot yesterday and I got really emotional because I was so happy. I will never take for granted holding my baby again (even if it's at 3 am!). We got into the Ronald Mcdonald house last night, so we will be there for the rest of the stay. It's only $10 a night and walking distance from the hospital.
**Madison is such a trooper! She is so loved by so many people! Especially her MOMMY!

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Caroline Cochran said...

We hope , Shannon, that you're remembering to take care of yourself too! Madison needs 100% of you now, but will need 200% of you once she comes home. We think of you constantly. Can hardly wait to have you back.