Friday, November 28, 2008


I love her so much!
Before surgery

After surgery (she's got so big!)

Poor baby has my fair skin now!


Nicole would have been 25 years old today. She was the most beautiful loving friend I have ever had. I still think about her everyday and miss her so very much.


natalievandenbossche said...

Nicole looks so beautiful in that picture. (and so do you!) I'm so glad to hear everything with Madison is going good!!!! Her pictures are so cute!!!!

michelle said...

i miss her more and more every day! I can't stand going through my birthday in a couple weeks. We've always done them together. And with the holidays, nothing is the same... But one a lighter note, Madison is so cute and im glad to hear things are going well. I really want to see you guys :(

Nathan said...

We all miss her so much. She was my strongest support with everything I've gone through over the years. She touched everyone's life in so many ways. Almost like an angel, and now she is one. I'm so happy to hear everything with your daughter is going better, and that she is home with her family. She is so beautiful.