Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our 12th day at U of M

Sleepy girl


Our tiny tiny room

We have been SUPER BUSY! Madison has been doing great! We are now in the general care unit. The only tube Madi has now is a feeding tube. It is so wonderful because we can pick her up anytime. We even got "unhooked" and took a stroller walk to the 8th floor where they were having a "tailgating" kids party. Her feedings are going better...she is finally taking the bottle. We are just going to stick with that untill we get home and then we will introduce nursing again. Chris and I are very much on own own with her care which is nice but tiring! I get to "sleep" on a tiny bench. We have a roomate that is very active and loud at night. Madison has been sleeping pretty good at night untill her buddy next door starts screaming. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The discharge nurse came to talk to me today and I got really excited, BUT she still said that we will probably be here untill at least tuesday. I have just been praying for patience because I don't want to come home too early.

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