Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The first night went well

Well the first night went well. Chris and I stayed here untill about 11pm, then we went to the hotel and got some needed sleep. I felt guilty about leaving but the nurses and doctors said that she wouldn't know if we were there or not and that it would be a good night to get some sleep. This morning we went in and she looked a little puffy. They said that she was given a lot of fluids that make her look puffy and gain weight (she gained 1.8 lbs). They said that her blood pressure meds caused her heart rate to go up so they had to switch it to another medicine. When Chris and I started to touch her and talk to her she started waking up and moving around. This stimulation caused her blood pressure to go down again so we had to stop. They are going to start her on her sedation meds again because they dont want her to be that awake yet. It was nice to see her awake though. She had her arms above her head (like she always does) and she was kicking her feet. Someone put a cute ribbon headband on her and she looked so adorable. I had a hard time seeing her today though because she was awake and moving around but still has the respirator and all the other tubes in. There are so many machines that beep non-stop. It's scares the heck out of me! The surgeon came in to see her this morning and said that she is doing very well though. To me it seems like she is not doing well, but after such a huge surgery I guess she is doing good. Madison is so strong. I am so proud of her!


AliG said...

i'm SO glad to hear she is doing well! she is such a beautiful strong girl just like her mommy we knew she would be ok ;-) If you guys need anything or just a visitor, ann arbor isn't that far away! Miss you!

Abigail said...

I'm glad to hear she came through it okay. She sounds like a little trooper but I will be praying for her! She's half you Shannon which means she's pretty much 100% bamf.