Monday, October 27, 2008

Madison's Surgery

Madison is 3 weeks old today! She is doing good...eating, sleeping and pooping! BUT her oxygen levels are continuing to go down. 3 weeks ago they were at 98% and today they are down to 80%. She has not had any blue spells (which usually happen when babies get really upset) but we never let her cry, so we wouldn't know!! (she is very spoiled!) She is pretty pink still but has a blue tint around her mouth. The doctors assured us that even though her oxygen is at 80% it is still getting to all the right places (brain, lungs etc.) The skin is just the last place it goes to, that is why she may look blue. SO...the doctors decided to move her surgery up AGAIN! It will be 2 weeks from today, Nov. 11th. She will be 5 weeks old. So for the next 2 weeks my goal is just to fatten her up and get her nice and healthy for her open heart surgery. She is so strong already (lifting her head and rolling to the side) so I know she will pull through with flying colors!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for her!