Monday, October 13, 2008

Madison Nicole is here!

Madison Nicole

Kisses from Daddy at the NICU

Our Happy Family

Going home...YAY!

Our Beautiful Madison...Wide awake!

*Our baby girl, Madison Nicole is finally here! She joined our family on October 6, 2008 at 4:20 pm. She was 6 lbs 13 oz. 20 inches long. She came out screaming and pink!

*I went in for my routine non-stress test at the hospital on Monday the 6th. During the test her heart rate dipped down when I had a contraction. They were a little concerned so they admitted me to just watch her heart rate for a while. I was not nervous because this had happened twice already and they just kept me for a little but and then let me go. Well... not this time! Her rate kept dropping (not too low) so they called my doctor who was doing rounds at the hospital. She checked me and I was starting to dialate. Right after that I started to have regular contractions and her heart rate continued to dip slightly. So my doctor said that even though we had the c-section planned for friday the 10th, we are going to do it today. I had breakfast at 9:00 am that day though so they were going to make me wait untill 5 pm for the c-section. (it was only 11am!) So they got me a room and had me wait it out. A few hours later they came in and said that they were going to take me in NOW beause they didn't like what her heart was doing. I was suprisingly calm because I was so ready to not be pregnant anymore. My c-section was so easy! Seriously it was a breeze and I would do it all over again (but not for 2 years or so!). She came out nice and pink and LOUD! They didn't have to give her oxygen or put her in an incubator. They showed her to us, let Chris hold her and then took her to the NICU.
*She only had to stay at the NICU for 24 hours! They did a bunch of tests on her when she was first born and also the next day. There were no real suprises and she was doing suprisingly well. She was in our room the next day!
*We came home 3 days later (Thursday). We are doing great! We have had a lot of wonderful help that we very much needed because we were sooooooo tired from the hospital. Our moms have been unbelievably helpful. They are such wonderful Grandmas already, we are so blessed! We are pretty much settled now...of course we have no schedule (but babies make there own!) I am feeling really good, I am moving around like a champ! We even went for a walk yesterday! We are just really tired! She is such a good baby...eating well and sleeping all the time!
*We went to her first doctors appt. on Friday and she was perfect! We also went to her first appt with her ped. cardiologist, Dr. Cutler. She had another ultrasound echo, EKG and an oxygen check. Her echo said that her pulmonary stenosis was thinning a little more then they would like (but she is still okay). Also, her oxygen level was a little low. Now we have to go get her oxygen levels checked twice a week. They are hoping that it starts to level its self out. So...what does this mean? We just have to really watch her for "tet spells" (where she will turn blue) and if she has any spells her surgery will be moved up a bit. But we want to wait as long as we can so she gains some weight.
*We are so unbelievably blessed to have this miracle baby. She is beautiful and we love her more than we even knew was possible. Chris and I feel like we are the luckiest people on earth!
*THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your prayers, gifts, visits, hugs and kind words! There will be more pictures and updates to come.


AliG said...

We are so excited to meet her!! We might be over that way the weekend of halloween if you guys are up for a visit!

Melissa said...

awe, i'm glad everything went smooth! think of me when your really sleepy and up for those night-time feedings, chances are, I'm doing the same thing :)