Monday, October 20, 2008

Madison is 2 weeks old today!

*Madison is 2 weeks old today and she is doing great! Yesterday we got pictures taken at Grandpas studio and they turned out so well! She likes to sleep all day long and stay up at night! Maybe one day mommy can figure out how to switch that around! She is such a good baby though! We have been at the doctors a lot these last two weeks because we are still checking her oxygen levels. So far they are staying pretty much the same (which is good). She is gaining weight and eating well (she is 7 lbs. 6 oz.) They did another echo on her heart today and found that the valve that we had hoped would grow as she grows has not been growing. They are suggesting that she gets the surgery the first week in december (she will be 2 months old). They need to do it earlier because as she grows the valve is pumping less oxygen to her lungs then she needs. Chris and I will be meeting with the surgeon at U of M for a second consult soon and should have more details on the surgery. In the mean time we are enjoying are beautiful happy baby!

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