Monday, October 19, 2009


I was just informed tonight that my Dad actually reads my blog! This surprises me because my Dad has never been a computer guy. I didn't even know he knew how to turn it on! Well, I guess he is growing up because my mom said he checks his email everyday and checks my blog. SO...if I would have known this I would have most definitely posted this on his birthday (which was Oct. 10th)...

Dear Dad,

I am so blessed to have an amazing father like you. Growing up not only did you provide for our family, you were completely involved in everything in our lives. You never missed a dance recital, choir concert, or cheesy musical that I was in. You taught me to throw a baseball, ride my bike and pump the gas in my car. You even brushed my hair every night when I was little because mom was too rough! You are the same way with your Granddaughter. You drive home for lunch (eating your lunch on the way) on the days that Mom is watching her so you can play with her for an hour. You spend hours building a swing for her in your backyard. You are also a great father-in-law to my husband (who has so much respect for you). You have helped him with lots of home improvements and have took the time to teach Chris things, which he really appreciates. You are funny (just like me), generous (just like me), thoughtful (just like me), good looking (just like me) and cocky (just like me)!!! THANK YOU for being truly the most amazing dad, father-in-law and Papa anyone could ever ask for. HAPPY 40 something (plus or minus 10 or so years) BIRTHDAY!

I love you,


Tiffany Lockette said...

What a great post!! I am sure your Dad loved it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shannon! I love you.
You pretty much summed us both up and you are right!

Anonymous said...

You both are FULL OF YOURSELVES!!But I Love you both!! ;)
Gramma TJC