Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brian and Brighite's Wedding

Chris's brother, Brian, got married yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding. Everything went smoothly (except the rain) and everyone had lots of fun! Brighite was absolutely STUNNING! Most beautiful bride ever! They are so cute together because he is like 6'6" and Brighite is really tiny.

Madison was a flower girl! She wore an ivory satin dress (with a matching bow, of course!) and adorable sparkly shoes (that she wouldn't keep on). The older kids pulled her in a wagon down the isle. My mom and I decorated the wagon with brown satin and ivory tulle (tutu style) around the whole thing (picture to come...). It turned out SO cute! Madison had a book in the wagon with her to keep her happy. We tried to take the book out before the ceremony but she wasn't having it. She was SO good the whole time! My parents took her home around 9:30 pm. (Thanks Mom and Dad)

The theme was fall (cinnamon [or rust] & brown). The flowers and bridesmaids dresses were a rust pretty. The hall was decorated with ivory and brown table and chair covers and ivory and rust colored flowers. It was so nice...I love fall themed weddings!

Brighite is Albanian so we had lots of Albanian music. I learned the dance...its really easy but it took me forever to catch on. It was so much fun. The music is actually really easy to dance to! The DJ, Brighite's cousin, did an amazing job and this was his first wedding! He played such random old school songs (like NSYNC and fresh prince theme song). You know it's a fun wedding the dance floor is packed all night!
Congrats Brian and Brighite!
I am so happy to have you as my brother and sister! XOXO!


Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING was gorgeous!!
Brighite's dress.......I LOVED IT!!
The dance (Albanian) was SO fun, but you know Dad & I will dance to anything!!
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it oh, oh, oh.........whoops! Shoulda been more careful! oh, oh, oh!!....ha!!(Guess you had to be there...)
Gramma TJC

Tiffany Lockette said...

As much as I love ALL things baby now, hee hee, man I would love to get married all over the same man of course. I have so many ideas that I didn't have back then. Madi made such a pretty flower girl. I know it warmed her Mommy's heart to see her walking down that isle!!

Anonymous said...

hey, can i ask you where you got your bridesmaids dresses? they are the exact color that i want!!!!

Unknown said...

Brian and Brighite's wedding was truly fun and joyous. I also will be tying the knot and have just made a list of best wedding venues in Chicago. Truly they are stunning venues. The ceiling art in one of those is just elegant. We might book that spot for our day as it perfectly fits in our budget.