Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on Bentley

Update on Bentley..

Her Open heart surgery was on Wednesday and she got discharged yesterday! Only 6 days in the hospital! Isn't that amazing?! The surgery went perfect and she is doing great! Please pray for a perfect checkup on Friday. Because if all is well they get to head home!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun weekend

Friday night we headed down to Indiana in the RV. We went with our friends Natalie, Brad and their 2 month old Trevor. The babies did great driving down there. The only one that had issues was me because I get SO car sick! We stayed with Brad parents Carol and Jim. Saturday night Carol and Jim stayed home with the babies and the 4 of us went out. It was the first time Natalie and I have gone out since we had our babies. It was SO much fun! Lots of laughing and dancing! Sunday we went to Brad's cousin's BBQ. Again, the babies did so awesome. We didn't hear a peep from either of them! We lots of good food and fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How would she survive without her paci??

Sweet Bentley...

I am sure you all have read about Bentley on my blog several times. Well , I am asking you all to pray for her today. She is being admitted to the hospital for tests all day today and then her Open Heart Surgery is tomorrow morning. She has TOF and is having her complete repair, just like Madison. Please also pray for her parents. I know exactly what Bentley's mom, Crystal is going through. It is so unbelievably emotional and scary to hand your baby to a surgeon. They are so innocent and have no clue what they are about to go through. I know that Bentley will do AMAZING!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

As a dental assistant, I was SUPER excited that Madison cut a tooth yesterday! Here are some pics of her "brushing her tooth!"
(Don't worry I didn't really give her tooth paste!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A post FULL of random pictures

My hubby and I

Jen and Adam

Brian and Bridgete

Madison and her Matoo
Yummy Prunes!

Dinner with friends, Marlin cooking up some GOOD stuff!

Natalie is SO charming!

I look scary but Katerina looks pretty

Boys on one side, girls on the other!

Chris, Natalie, Ryan and Katerina

Trevor sleeping at the park

Madison's first time on the swing, she loved it!

Madison with Aunt Kristy

<---With Aunt Jen on Mothers Day

So happy in her Bouncer!

She was a little unsure about taking a bath in the sink...but she got used to it!

She can't stop eating Bentleys bracelets!

Close up with Gramma!

Tummy time is so tiring!

My surgery is over...

I had my gallbladder surgery yesterday around 1:00pm. Everything went well and was very "textbook" (which I love to surprises!) I was discharged by early evening because I was feeling okay. As soon as we got in the car it was a whole different story. If you live in Michigan you know that our roads are HORRIBLE! So many cracks and pot holes. Every bump was SO painful! The surgery left me feeling like I was ran over by a SEMI! I actually wasn't expecting that much pain.
Madison was more miserable than me...She didn't understand why her Mommy was not holding or nursing her. She literally cried all evening and than just crashed around 10:00pm from exhaustion. I feel so bad, I wish I would have just waited to see her until later today when I can nurse her. So far seeing her so upset was the worst part of my surgery.
Today I feel a lot better, maybe just like a motorcycle or four wheeler ran me over! (hopefully tomorrow...a bicycle!) I am trying to just take motrin and not vicodin so that I can nurse her tonight. Madi just woke up and took a bottle from my mom an she is all smiles! Thank goodness! Today is going to be a better day!

Monday, May 4, 2009


A few months ago a sweet "HEART" mom, Crystal found my blog. Her daughter Bentley has Tetralogy of Fallot, just like Madi. (Here is Bentley's story). Her open heart surgery is in 2 weeks! As you can imagine, the stress and anticipation is enormous! Not only is she stressed about the surgery, she has to worry about her health insurance. She found out that her health insurance will only cover a portion of the surgery. I know how much Madison's surgery and hospital stay cost and I can't imagine how anyone can afford it without insurance covering the major portion of it! They really need YOUR help...

Adorable Bentley playing with all her bracelets!

You can purchase an "I HEART BENTLEY" bracelet for only $5.00. All the proceeds go to Bentley's medical fund. Go HERE to get the details. (p.s.~the child size fits me perfect!)

Madison with my pink bracelet!
Updates on this end: My gallbladder surgery is in ONE WEEK, May 11th! I have been having some pain lately so I am ready to have this over and done with! Please pray that everything goes well. Madison is doing great...happy as can be! Chris has had steady work as long as it doesn't rain!! Everything is going well at the Leidekers!