Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have been slacking...

Madison had a rough week! All week she just hasn't been acting like herself. She was crabby and a little fever-ish (if that's a word). We just blamed it on teething. I even put oral gel on her "teeth" coming in and gave her tylenol. Thursday night, Madison vomited out of no where. Friday night she was up every 10 minutes SCREAMING. It was horrible for all of us! First thing yesterday I brought her into her doctor. We got an unexpected diagnosis...Baby Measles!!! WHAT!? I was so suprised and confused...what is it? did she get it? He said it's pretty common and not the kind of measles that they get vaccinated for. It is passed through saliva and is only catchy for children 2 and under. He said now that the rash started on her it's almost over. He didn't prescribe anything and just said to put calamine lotion on the rash and give her tylenol. So after an oatmeal bath, a dose of Tylenol, a dose of Benadryl and tons of calamine lotion, she is happy as can be!

Click on the pic for larger can kinda see her rash on her forehead.

Her hair is all spiked up from the lotion!

UPDATE 11:00 am:
The rash is over her entire body now...Poor baby!
Click on the pics to see the rash.

Madison loves her boyfriend in her playgroup...


Last week we had a nice visit with Chris's grandparents. Grandpa Joe just got back from a hospital/nursing home visit. He was very happy to be home and visiting with his great-grandbaby. Madison entertained everyone by rolling all over their living room floor and talking to herself!

Great Grandma Marilyn says I'm precious!

Madison was rubbing Great Grandpa Joe's chin and he was falling asleep!



Madison gives herself kisses in the mirror, it's so cute!

Look at how happy she is to see herself!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pray for Stellan...he is back at the hospital with SVT (extremely high heart rate). According to his mom's last update things are not going well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture post

Madison's play group April '09
She is about to crawl off the chair
Auntie Jen

Polka dot princess!

Madison waves at everyone and everything! Especially her doggy Bella!

(Don't mind my high pitched annoying voice!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

URGENT Prayer request...

Princess Lindsay is back in the ICU. She may have suffered a seziure. She is now on ECMO (life support). They are running tests now to see what kind of damage it might have caused. Please pray that the ECMO give her time to rest and she is back to her happy adorable self soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayers please...

Prayer requests...

A few days ago, my husband's 93 year old grandpa, Joesph, was rushed to the hospital via ambulance again. He is stable now, but they are unsure if he will be able to come home, have to be admitted to the hospital for a while or go to the nursing home for therapy. Please pray that he is well enough to come home.

A few minutes ago my mother-in-law called to tell us that she found her Uncle Lloyd unresponsive in his house. She is following the ambulance to the hospital as I type. Please pray that everything is okay. Update 10:00pm: He is doing okay, still at the hospital a little shook up. They are going to run tests...

Lastly, please pray for my wonderful Mother-in-law, Sandy (I'm not sucking up...she really is wonderful!). She is about to take on a big responsibility in taking over the care of her Aunt and Uncle. Pray that everything goes smoothly and stress free (today is not a good start).

**Thanks for taking the time to pray for my family today! I really appreciate it! GOD BLESS**

Picture post coming soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Isn't my new blog cute? Julies blog designs did a great job. THANKS JULIE!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Madi is 8 months old today!!!

Happy 8 months Madison!
What is Madi up to these days?...
*She is 20 lbs!!!
*She rolls all over the place!
*She is just now starting to want to crawl...backwards!
*She says "Mamamamama" and "Uh-OH!" (sorry Daddy!)
*She is eating cereal, fruit, veggies and puff snacks.
*She screams at the top of her lungs just to hear her own voice!
*She is starting to have a little bit of stranger anxiety, especially at night...
she only wants her "Mamamama".
*She loves eating her toes.
*She is very ticklish!
*She sleeps all night (unless she has a cold)
*We discovered that she loves looking at pictures.
*She love books.
*She loves looking at herself in the mirror.
*It's been almost 7 months since her Open Heart surgery and she is doing
wonderfully! We have her heart check up on July 13th.
*She has 2 teeth on the bottom.
*She is so unbelievably happy all the time!
*She gets so much lovin' she should be chaffed on both cheeks from all the kisses!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Princess Lindsay is getting her perfect angel heart today!!! We met Lindsay in moderate care at U of M back in November when Madi had her OHS. She has spent most of her life in the hospital waiting for a transplant. She will be turning one in a week or so, what a great early birthday gift! Please pray for a sucessful surgery and a quick recovery. I am so excited for this family to finally be together at HOME!

Monday, June 1, 2009




We had a bbq yesterday and we were making chicken wings on the grill. One of them fell off and Bella (our 3 year old Puggle) grabbed it and swallowed it WHOLE! I panicked and told Chris to give her peroxide and salt to make her throw it up. Well she did start foaming at the mouth but no throw up...thank goodness...I called the vet after and they said, OH NO! DO NOT LET HER THROW IT UP! (Oops!) It could get stuck in her oesophagus (spelling?). So now we wait for it to pass. I get to go through all of her "waste" to make sure she passes the bones...lucky me! Why do we have dogs????!



A long relaxing lunch!
Right now Madison is laying on her boppy watching a video while I enjoy a turkey sandwich, chips, and blogs!

Pictures from this week....

("grandma's answered prayers" onesie is from
**We are getting new carpet and wood floors today, pictures will be up when I finally get everything back in order!**