Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New do's...

I finally got the courage to chop my hair off! My hair was getting too long and heavy. I have really thick hair and when my hair is long it just wears me down. I love my new do, but I haven't really figured out how to style it like I like. When ever I get my hair cut the stylist styles it and I always love it. But when I try and recreate it it never turns out.
Speaking of hair do's...

What the heck am I supposed to do with this little girls mullet/rat tail?! I really want to cut it but I can't because it will be uneven when it finally grows out. Thank goodness for big bows and headbands (if she keeps them in). It distracts people from looking at her mullet! It helps that she is such a cutie too! HA! I know I'm partial!

Friday, January 22, 2010

1 year, 9 months and 11 days....

....that is how long my best friend has been gone...

It's been 1 year, 9months and 11 days and it is not getting easier. I long for her. I wish I could have one more phone call, one more hug, one more laugh. I have really been missing her lately. It is the most random times when I miss her the most. Driving home from work is the WORST. We used to talk everyday at 5 pm on our way home. I haven't let myself erase her number from my phone...maybe it's time. I get depressed every time I see her name in my addresses. I haven't got to the point where I think about her and smile because of the wonderful times we had...When I think of her I just get really sad because I don't have her anymore. I know this is selfish but I guess everyone grieves differently. I miss her so much. I have a picture of Nicole and I in our living room and Madison LOVES it...here are pics of her looking at it today...

I ask her "Where is Auntie Nicole?" and she points to her..

Then she kisses her...so sweet!


On a lighter note, here are a couple pictures of my beauty from today...

A few days ago...coloring for the first time!


Don't forget......


Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years, 15 mths and Dancing!

My dad used to tell me that he taught Michael Jackson how to dance. Now he is working on the next child dance prodigy...Madison!
Enjoy her dancing to Brickhouse!

My big 15 month old!

I get to wake up to this adorable chubby face every morning! So Blessed!

Party Girl!

Madi spent New Years Eve at my parents and she had a blast!!

Looking out the window with Papa

Christmas 2009 Pictures

Our little Family!

Playing in her new toybox!

She loves the piano!

Christmas morning!

Waiting patiently for breakfast.

I don't know who liked the legos better, Madi or Daddy!

Our tree!

On her new riding toy!

We had such a wonderful Christmas full of family and friends. We feel truely blessed! Madi got spoiled of course, but I set up the basement as a playroom so there is plenty of room for every thing. Even though she is too young for Santa, it was fun watching her rip open the presents.