Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We have a full day planned with family. I am excited to spend time with everyone and to EAT! We can start are diets later, right?! I wish we could see everyone but it's just too hard with so much family. But Christmas is just around the corner and we plan on trying to visit everyone before then.
Madison has been a busy girl lately....SHE'S A WALKER! I swear it happened over night! I thought it would be harder with her walking but I like it. I can let her down and hold her hand instead of carrying her everywhere. She LOVES walking... Sometimes she walks and runs into things because she is looking down at her feet cuz she thinks it's so cool! It has been amazing watching her grow and develop into a toddler. I love this stage...well, actually, I love every stage!
Chris and I want to start working out and eating healthier before we try for #2. We need to be able to workout at home. Does anyone have any suggestions for workout/nutrition programs? We were looking at p90x, has anyone used it? Is it good?
*If you want to donate to a wonderful charity this year in place of one or two gifts here are some suggestions...
If you live in Michigan...Hearts of Hope
Donate to this family...The story starts here.
(By the way Lydia, is their oldest daughter) AMAZING!
*Updated pics to come!*
**Does anyone know why I can't put spaces in between my paragraphs or tab for the beginning of the paragraph? I do it when I am making the post but when I publish it goes away and is all smashed together. I have to put little stars to separate...annoying! HELP!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Madi's Healthy Heart Day!

One year ago today our beautiful baby endured the fight of her life....for her life! As she giggles and laughs and romps around here today I find my heart so full of emotions! She is one LOVED baby! We would like to thank everyone that has prayed for our precious girl. Our entire family feels so blessed!
My parents sent us this video montage for Madi's Healthy Heart Day......enjoy!

Baby Love at

Happy Healthy Heart Day Madison!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch up post #1 (Birthday & Halloween)


Some of the Birthday party guests