Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Christian

UPDATE: Christian did wonderful and the surgery was a success! They were able to save his valve! This means that there is hardly any chance of a second surgery! It is day 3 and there have been hardly any set back except a minor peeing problem. He may be moving to the step down unit tomorrow! He is moving right along...what a miracle! Please continue to pray that his recovery continues in the right direction. The way things are looking, he will probably be home for Christmas!
Baby Christian needs YOUR prayers!

Christian has the congenital heart defect, Tetralogy of Fallot (same as Madi). He is having his Open Heart Surgery this Tuesday the 15th. Please pray for the surgeon, doctors, nurses and his parents, Scott and Rachel. Pray for a successful surgery and an uneventful recovery. You can visit his care pages HERE. Thanks to all you prayer warriors!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

14 months!

I can't believe that Madison is 14 months already! She is growing up too fast! She is a regular toddler now and I am getting my workout! She is getting so good at walking and is trying to run too. She babbles all day long, it's so cute. She is going to be a big talker, like her Momma...poor Chris! Her vocab. is: Hi, bye-bye, up, mama, MOM! (when she is mad!), dada, papa, no, two, four, eight, ball, uh-oh. She also knows what a dog, cow, monkey, bear, lion and fish say/do. Pretty impressive I must say!! Christmas should be fun with her this year. She loves all the decorations...she gets really excited, says "Oooo!" and runs up to them. My mom has taught her to only touch the tree with one finger and she does really well with it. I love this little girl with all my heart!
Her new favorite toy...the piano!
SO talented!

My parents, sister, brother, Chris, Madi and I

Madison and her Great Grandma (GG)

My friend, Michelles' new little guy, Anthony

Madison with her cousins, Carly and Landon, visiting Santa.

They all loved him! Madison was stroking his beard! (good thing it was real!)

Brushing her teeth! She hates her little toothbrush, so I got her a big one to play with! I am definitely not going to complain that she like to brush!!

Sticking her tongue out!

Playing with her magnets

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We have a full day planned with family. I am excited to spend time with everyone and to EAT! We can start are diets later, right?! I wish we could see everyone but it's just too hard with so much family. But Christmas is just around the corner and we plan on trying to visit everyone before then.
Madison has been a busy girl lately....SHE'S A WALKER! I swear it happened over night! I thought it would be harder with her walking but I like it. I can let her down and hold her hand instead of carrying her everywhere. She LOVES walking... Sometimes she walks and runs into things because she is looking down at her feet cuz she thinks it's so cool! It has been amazing watching her grow and develop into a toddler. I love this stage...well, actually, I love every stage!
Chris and I want to start working out and eating healthier before we try for #2. We need to be able to workout at home. Does anyone have any suggestions for workout/nutrition programs? We were looking at p90x, has anyone used it? Is it good?
*If you want to donate to a wonderful charity this year in place of one or two gifts here are some suggestions...
If you live in Michigan...Hearts of Hope
Donate to this family...The story starts here.
(By the way Lydia, is their oldest daughter) AMAZING!
*Updated pics to come!*
**Does anyone know why I can't put spaces in between my paragraphs or tab for the beginning of the paragraph? I do it when I am making the post but when I publish it goes away and is all smashed together. I have to put little stars to separate...annoying! HELP!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Madi's Healthy Heart Day!

One year ago today our beautiful baby endured the fight of her life....for her life! As she giggles and laughs and romps around here today I find my heart so full of emotions! She is one LOVED baby! We would like to thank everyone that has prayed for our precious girl. Our entire family feels so blessed!
My parents sent us this video montage for Madi's Healthy Heart Day......enjoy!

Baby Love at

Happy Healthy Heart Day Madison!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch up post #1 (Birthday & Halloween)


Some of the Birthday party guests




Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hearts of Hope

We went to a Hearts of Hope event today at a farm. It was so much fun! It was so wonderful to see so many heart families all together. We met and reconnected with many families that have gone through what we have gone through. I am excited to be a part of such an awesome group! Here are some pics from today...

Heart Mommies and their heart babies!
Princess Lindsey looked amazing...she is truely a miracle!
Madi wanted to steal her toy!

**Stay tuned for Birthday pics...sorry I am slow getting those because I didn't take any picture myself, so i have to collect them from everyone.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I was just informed tonight that my Dad actually reads my blog! This surprises me because my Dad has never been a computer guy. I didn't even know he knew how to turn it on! Well, I guess he is growing up because my mom said he checks his email everyday and checks my blog. SO...if I would have known this I would have most definitely posted this on his birthday (which was Oct. 10th)...

Dear Dad,

I am so blessed to have an amazing father like you. Growing up not only did you provide for our family, you were completely involved in everything in our lives. You never missed a dance recital, choir concert, or cheesy musical that I was in. You taught me to throw a baseball, ride my bike and pump the gas in my car. You even brushed my hair every night when I was little because mom was too rough! You are the same way with your Granddaughter. You drive home for lunch (eating your lunch on the way) on the days that Mom is watching her so you can play with her for an hour. You spend hours building a swing for her in your backyard. You are also a great father-in-law to my husband (who has so much respect for you). You have helped him with lots of home improvements and have took the time to teach Chris things, which he really appreciates. You are funny (just like me), generous (just like me), thoughtful (just like me), good looking (just like me) and cocky (just like me)!!! THANK YOU for being truly the most amazing dad, father-in-law and Papa anyone could ever ask for. HAPPY 40 something (plus or minus 10 or so years) BIRTHDAY!

I love you,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birthday Pictures

*Photography by Madison's Grandpa and Ronda...didn't they do such a great job?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Blog friends!

HI! It's been a while! We have been busy planning someones first birthday party (that is this weekend). Madison's birthday was on the 6th. We had a little get together with our parents at our house. We had cake (3 different kinds) and ice cream. Madison LOVED it! We have pictures and video that I will be posting soon. We got her 1 year pictures taken by Chris's Dad and stepmother. They turned out so good! I love them! It is so nice to have photographers in the family! Madison has been cruising all over the place lately. She crawls SO fast and walks along furniture like a pro! She stands without holding anything but when she wants to go somewhere she crawls. I think we still have a couple months before she walks....which is FINE by me! Chris is still working, which is WONDERFUL! I am just trying to catch up on laundry and house, fun! I also have a new obsession...GLEE!!! Ahh, I am such a dork! I was Vice-president of show choir and in all the musicals in high school so I knew I would love this show. My sister came over last night and surprised me with a CD of all the songs they have sang so far on the show!! We stood in the kitchen singing and dancing to all the songs while Chris and Madison watched us...well actually laughed at us! Poor Madison she is going to be forced to love musical theater! Well I will try and post picture tonight. Hope all is well with everyone! XOXO!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday! Words can't express how much you mean to me. You have sacrificed your life for Kristy, Chad and I. I never understood how much moms do until I became one. You have taught me so much throughout my life. Two important things you have taught me...compassion and how to be a good mother. You are such an amazing Gramma. Thanks for loving Madison with all your being. Thank you for all you do for me. for being my friend and loving me unconditionally. I love you so much! XOXO!

Love always,

Brian and Brighite's Wedding

Chris's brother, Brian, got married yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding. Everything went smoothly (except the rain) and everyone had lots of fun! Brighite was absolutely STUNNING! Most beautiful bride ever! They are so cute together because he is like 6'6" and Brighite is really tiny.

Madison was a flower girl! She wore an ivory satin dress (with a matching bow, of course!) and adorable sparkly shoes (that she wouldn't keep on). The older kids pulled her in a wagon down the isle. My mom and I decorated the wagon with brown satin and ivory tulle (tutu style) around the whole thing (picture to come...). It turned out SO cute! Madison had a book in the wagon with her to keep her happy. We tried to take the book out before the ceremony but she wasn't having it. She was SO good the whole time! My parents took her home around 9:30 pm. (Thanks Mom and Dad)

The theme was fall (cinnamon [or rust] & brown). The flowers and bridesmaids dresses were a rust pretty. The hall was decorated with ivory and brown table and chair covers and ivory and rust colored flowers. It was so nice...I love fall themed weddings!

Brighite is Albanian so we had lots of Albanian music. I learned the dance...its really easy but it took me forever to catch on. It was so much fun. The music is actually really easy to dance to! The DJ, Brighite's cousin, did an amazing job and this was his first wedding! He played such random old school songs (like NSYNC and fresh prince theme song). You know it's a fun wedding the dance floor is packed all night!
Congrats Brian and Brighite!
I am so happy to have you as my brother and sister! XOXO!