Sunday, September 6, 2009

Madison is 11 months old today!

Look at me standing!

I love to eat!

What is Madi up to?

*She pulls up on everything with no effort.
*She is starting to walk around furniture.
*She is walking with help (still really wobbly though)
*She crawls FAST!
*She throws tantrums like a toddler.
*She loves to swim (in a lake, pool or tub...doesn't matter!)
*She eats what we eat now.
*I am starting to wean her from breast milk to cows milk during the day.
*New words..."Papa" and "Ro, ro, ro" (Row row row your boat)
*She LOVES the new riding toys her grandparents have bought her.
*She won't let me put bows in her hair...such a bummer (I have a million)
*She still only goes to her Mama at night.
*Her hair still sticks straight up!
*She started puckering her lips to kiss, but than she opens her mouth at the end.
*She loves to dance and shake it to music.
*Her favorite cd is the WICKED the Musical soundtrack.
(I know I am creating a drama geek!)
*She is 22 lbs, don't know how many inches but she is tall!
*She is sweet as pie and I love her to pieces!


Anonymous said...

New generation of Show Choir being created!!
I LOVE how she shakes her arms up in the air when music is on!
Happy 11 month old Birthday Madison!!
I LOVE you!!
Gramma TJC

Crystal said...

Oh she is so beautiful. I am happy to read that she is doing so well!! Their first birthday is so emotional. Enjoy this last month before she is a ONE year old!!!

When you get a chance read my latest post, I would love to add Madi!!!