Monday, May 4, 2009


A few months ago a sweet "HEART" mom, Crystal found my blog. Her daughter Bentley has Tetralogy of Fallot, just like Madi. (Here is Bentley's story). Her open heart surgery is in 2 weeks! As you can imagine, the stress and anticipation is enormous! Not only is she stressed about the surgery, she has to worry about her health insurance. She found out that her health insurance will only cover a portion of the surgery. I know how much Madison's surgery and hospital stay cost and I can't imagine how anyone can afford it without insurance covering the major portion of it! They really need YOUR help...

Adorable Bentley playing with all her bracelets!

You can purchase an "I HEART BENTLEY" bracelet for only $5.00. All the proceeds go to Bentley's medical fund. Go HERE to get the details. (p.s.~the child size fits me perfect!)

Madison with my pink bracelet!
Updates on this end: My gallbladder surgery is in ONE WEEK, May 11th! I have been having some pain lately so I am ready to have this over and done with! Please pray that everything goes well. Madison is doing great...happy as can be! Chris has had steady work as long as it doesn't rain!! Everything is going well at the Leidekers!


Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Aww!! Look at that precious baby girl.. I feel so connected to Madi & you, it must be a heart mommy thing. She's a doll!

Thanks for all your support girl, it really helps me SOOO much. More than you could ever imagine.

I didn't realize your surgery was so soon. I will be praying for ya!! Keeps us posted!!

PS.. Do you mind if I use Madi's picture on a post?

Crystal said...

Did I tell you that I absolutely LOVE that picture of Madi? Her hair bow too!!!