Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here are a few of Madison's 6 months pictures that I scanned...


So, I have a new hobby! I started selling my hair bows at MOM 2 MOM sales. I have only done one sale so far but it went really well! I was the most popular table there! I am calling them Madi's Bows and I am donating a portion of the profits to U of M, Mott Childrens Hospital (where Madison had her surgery). I am also trying to spread Congenital Heart Disease awareness. I made this sign with Madi's story and some facts about CHD. I am working on making handouts for the bags and a bigger sign. I have two more sales coming up in the next month. If it goes really well I might start working on a website. I am also working on making headbands to donate to the little girls at Mott. I am also working on a CHD awareness GIVE-A-WAY (Crystal, I'm stealing your idea!) Any ideas on what I can make for the little boys?

Please pray for Princess Lindsay and Owen who are waiting for heart transplants.
Pray for sweet Bentley who has her open heart surgery in a few weeks.
Pray that cutie Stellan gets to come home soon.
Pray that Katrina has a fast delivery and a healthy baby.
Pray for the Pifers, they have been struggling with infertility and just found out some bad news about their mothers health.


natalievandenbossche said...

oh my gosh, I love Maddi!!!

The Pifer's said...

OH I love the one of her in the bath tub, thats my fav for sure!!! :) Thank for you posting a prayer request for my family, it means more than you will ever know!!!! God Bless you!