Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My surgery is over...

I had my gallbladder surgery yesterday around 1:00pm. Everything went well and was very "textbook" (which I love to hear...no surprises!) I was discharged by early evening because I was feeling okay. As soon as we got in the car it was a whole different story. If you live in Michigan you know that our roads are HORRIBLE! So many cracks and pot holes. Every bump was SO painful! The surgery left me feeling like I was ran over by a SEMI! I actually wasn't expecting that much pain.
Madison was more miserable than me...She didn't understand why her Mommy was not holding or nursing her. She literally cried all evening and than just crashed around 10:00pm from exhaustion. I feel so bad, I wish I would have just waited to see her until later today when I can nurse her. So far seeing her so upset was the worst part of my surgery.
Today I feel a lot better, maybe just like a motorcycle or four wheeler ran me over! (hopefully tomorrow...a bicycle!) I am trying to just take motrin and not vicodin so that I can nurse her tonight. Madi just woke up and took a bottle from my mom an she is all smiles! Thank goodness! Today is going to be a better day!


Crystal said...

I love your sense of humor! Glad everything went well!!!!

Melissa said...

glad to hear it went well- i'll pray for a real quick recovery!!