Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy bees!

We have been Busy lately...Here are some pics from our recent adventures...

Madi and the Bunny Rabbit

We celebrated Skylars 2nd birthday. Skylar is my best friend Nicoles' daughter. It was a blessing to get Madison and Skylar together but it was also hard because I thought of "what could have been." They are only 6 months apart and I know Nicole and I would be having SO MUCH FUN with our baby girls. I miss my best friend so much!

Besties like thier moms!

"Can we please go outside?!"

Beautiful Skylar Nicole

Silly Girl hanging out in the baby seat!

Madison got her first hair cut by her Great-Grandma Nana! She also had her first sucker and LOVED it! She didn't mind having her hair cut but she did not keep her head still. My poor Nana was sweating by the time she was done. She did a great job though!

We have been playing dress up!

And having lots of playdates!

Playdate with cousins, Carly and Landon!
I have been keeping busy, mommyhood and BOWS!
I hope all you wonderful mothers have a great Mothers Day!


Neldajay said...

Happy Mother's day to you! And thanks for the comments! Your kids are very cute too!

The Carter's said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! Madi's hair looks cute!