Wednesday, April 28, 2010

18 months

Madison is 18 months (almost 19)! She is growing up SO fast! She is so energetic and happy. She is 26 lbs. 34 inches (SO tall!), wearing 24 month clothing and a size 5-6 shoe. She is talking so much! She says about 57 words...but who's counting! ha! She is very advanced in talking. I talk non-stop so she is just taking after me! She learns a new word almost everyday and doesn't forget! She also can somewhat count, sing parts of songs like abc's, row your boat, itsy bitsy spider and knows almost all of her body parts. My favorite, of course, is when she puts her hand on her chest and says "HEART". Melts MY heart every time! Speaking of her heart...I was a little concerned about her for a while. She was tiring out really easy for a few weeks and I was really nervous it was her heart. She was supposed to have her annual heart check-up in July but I got it moved up to May 19th. I am nervous and ready to get it over with! I am sure her heart is doing great BUT you never know what is happening in those little bodies. I am also worried that she will have a fit when they are doing the echo...Do any of you heart moms have any suggestions on how to keep her still? Anyways, Madison is SUCH a joy! She makes us laugh everyday. My husband and I feel so lucky to have such a smart beautiful princess! Enjoy some of her 18 month picture by Creative Accent Photography (Chris' dad)


The Carter's said...

Madi is precious!!! I love her new pics. She looks like such a happy girl.

Praying for the upcoming cardiology visit. Keep us posted on how it goes! I totally understand the getting worried about tiring out thing. We go through those spells too. I think that's just part of it...notice everything...worry about everything! :) Hopefully it's just that she's growing, but please keep us posted.

Lots of heart hugs and prayers,

Tiffany Lockette said...

Madi is just simply precious!! I love all of her pictures. She does seem like such a happy girl. I will be praying for her that her next Dr. visit offers only good results. Much prayers and hugs!

Melissa said...

ADORABLE!! Praying that all goes well. She sounds very advanced. :)

Stefenie said...

Happy 18 months!!

Saying many prayers for GREAT news at her upcoming cardiology check. One idea on keeping her still during the echo is picking up lots of little cheap (dollar store) toys and hiding them until the echo. Put them in a bucket, basket or whatever that can hide them so you can use it as the "surprise bucket". She will be pretty occupied trying to find out what little goodies are hiding in there. It has worked for Logan a time or two.