Monday, June 1, 2009




We had a bbq yesterday and we were making chicken wings on the grill. One of them fell off and Bella (our 3 year old Puggle) grabbed it and swallowed it WHOLE! I panicked and told Chris to give her peroxide and salt to make her throw it up. Well she did start foaming at the mouth but no throw up...thank goodness...I called the vet after and they said, OH NO! DO NOT LET HER THROW IT UP! (Oops!) It could get stuck in her oesophagus (spelling?). So now we wait for it to pass. I get to go through all of her "waste" to make sure she passes the bones...lucky me! Why do we have dogs????!



A long relaxing lunch!
Right now Madison is laying on her boppy watching a video while I enjoy a turkey sandwich, chips, and blogs!

Pictures from this week....

("grandma's answered prayers" onesie is from
**We are getting new carpet and wood floors today, pictures will be up when I finally get everything back in order!**

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Anonymous said...

Poor Bella!!
Hope she enjoyed that piece of chicken going down......
How can we stay mad at her?...look at those sad, droopy eyes!!
Gramma TJC