Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Madison is almost 5 months old!

My attempt at a photo shoot!
Madison is almost 5 months old (on the 6th). She just had her 4 month check up yesterday and she is doing great! She was a little behind on her shots because of the surgery so she got 2 of her 2 month shots. I am spreading her shots out so she will get 2 more in a few weeks. She barely cried and as soon as i picked her up she smiled and stopped! After all that she has been through shots are a breeze! She weighs 15 lbs 12 oz. (90-95%) and was over 26 inches long (95-97%)!!! She is tall like her daddy! She is eating well, sleeping through the night, having no heart issues and is all caught up developmentally! We are so happy! She is such a happy girl and we are having a blast with her!
Look at her beautiful scar...you can barely see it and it's been less than 3 months!
My health update: I'm finally giving in and getting my gallbladder out. :( I have had too many attacks and the doctor said i have lot of stones. I had a meeting with the surgeon today and he will be calling me soon to set up a surgery date for the next few weeks. I am not worried about it, I'm sure it will go fine. If Madison can go through open heart surgery I can have my gallbladder out!


Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! Her scar looks amazing, you can barely even see it. And she is an absolute DOLL! What a trooper she is!

Let us know when you are going to have the surgery. We will be praying for ya!

Kathy G said...

Madison has such big beautiful eyes. It is amazing how well her scar looks.

Please be careful with giving her to many shots at one time and so close together.

Good luch with your surgery. You will be in my prayers.

Crystal said...

The first surgeon we were going to go with never mentioned a blood transfusion so I assume they were not going to do one. Then when we went went to the newest surgeon (the one that will perform the surgery) he said some surgeons do it and some don't. He said he ALWAYS does it during any open heart surgery.. that it was the safest way to go. So we didn't ask questions. What all did they repair in your daughters heart? Bentley will have the hole closed, and he will have to do some work on her pulmunary valve and I PRAY that he can repair it and not have to remove it. They think they might be able to save it but he just can't say until he goes in. Where do you live? Sorry for all the questions.. you can email me if you rather not post it.

Crystal said...

... because the first surgeon never mentioned it, I too had no idea that would do that until the second surgeon told us. Each surgeon probably just has their own way of doing things.